Ditch the car to become a Biker.

The Biker or the car lover – There are plenty of reasons why we should ditch the car and become a biker. Listed below is only eight of them.

The freedom

Not really knowing where you’re going, whether you’re just going on a general bike ride or a longer more exciting trip. With nothing else to worry about and experiencing the nature that is surrounded by you. The freedom of being alone!

Being a biker is cool

It is a great way to start a conversation at a social gathering. Many people are actually envious that you get to own a motorcycle. The outfit that you choose to wear tops this off. Full leather with a helmet not only keeps you safe but to carries off the full biker look!

Skipping traffic

On a motorcycle you can weave in and out of traffic carefully. Most car users respect the safety of a rider and will give space. But knowing that you can skip the long queue prevents you of stressing about being at a place by a certain time. So no need to plan an earlier start or a later finish as you can just avoid all jams.

Adrenalin Rush

Obviously, there are risks to being a motorcyclist if you’re not a safe rider – but everything in life has risks. Riding safely is always exciting!

Cheaper than a car

A full tank of petrol, depending on the engine size – can be as little as £10. This can last you a full month if you’re only using it to commute to work and back. The insurance can also work out to be as cheap as £20 a month for new riders.


There are always biker events going on. Whether its for respect when another motorcyclist has passed a test or even a ‘bikersfest’ – you should get involved. Motorcyclists often meet and ride on road trips together to see the new bike-related technologies, makes and models.

Here is just one example website for the latest motorbikes events happening in the UK.

The love/respect bikers have for one another

Bikers have secret hand waves and leg signals – these all have different meanings. A bit like sign language for bikers – a non-rider would never be able to interpret these signals. Most motorcyclists just give a nod as a sign of respect to another rider.

Finally, the thrill of an adventure

Whether you choose to do a full week of a road trip or go to biking associations – there is nothing stopping you. Best of all, you don’t need to know where you are going – you can always just start and get lost in your thoughts and just end up somewhere.