Protective gear

Motorcycle Fashion – When choosing a protective outfit, comfort is vital. The clothing also needs to fit well and most importantly – it needs to protect you correctly.

What to consider, is there a Fashion?

Helmets: When choosing a helmet, make sure you’re buying it first hand. With second-hand helmets, it’s hard to tell if they have been in an accident. Also, try on the helmet to see if it fits correctly. Not too tight and you’re able to fasten the buckle under your chin. Finally, it’s not a great idea to get a noisy helmet because these can cause you to lose concentration and can make you tired quicker. Any helmet you choose needs to have a visor or goggles to protect from the wind or any other passing by objects.

Boots: They’re one of the most protective equipment that can absorb the majority of the energy when in an accident. So, getting a decent pair will save your feet/ankles. Avoid steel toes/plates as these can rip through your toes or feet at a high speed collision. Our advice is to have the boots at least 2mm thick above the ankle area for great protection. Before purchasing, try on the boots whilst sat on your motorbike, making sure that you still have full control.

Body Protection

Gloves: Having two pairs is essential; lightweight for summer,  and a pair with more padding to keep you warm over winter. The winter gloves are designed to be longer and to go over the edge of your sleeves – preventing the cold or rain from going on your arms. Try these on before purchasing, as you still need to have control when riding and they need to fit correctly.

Trousers and Jackets: All should fit correctly, not being too tight to restrict the movement whilst riding. It’s  best to be able to try on in either showroom or at home, sitting on your motorcycle to get a good feel of movement. The standard minimum is 1.9mm thickness – that will not only give you great movement but control.

Other things to consider

Back protector – make sure the size is correct for proper protection. If in doubt, then ask.