Buying a motorcycle

MotorcyclesFirst, is deciding the type of riding – that you will be doing the most often. This will differ, so choose a bike that will suit you the best. Whether it is commuting, sports, touring or a combination of all, knowing this – will help towards making the final decision when choosing a motorcycle.

The information provided below – will be a great help towards the right decision.

Types of Motorcycle – to consider whilst choosing.

Cruisers – These motorcycles tend to have lower seats, with a laid-back position. Often these types of motorcycles have larger engines, so it is not made for racing or super-high performance situations.

Sports Bikes – Often called ‘Crotch Rockets’. They are finely tuned machines, capable of a high performance, and at higher speeds. If a new rider, then avoid these type of motorcycle, for at the least; the first couple of years of riding.

Touring – These motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, mainly used for long distant travel. With high-speeds; luggage trunks and windshields, great experience for an adventure. Not recommended for beginner drivers.

Dual Sport – Known as dirt-bikes, generally illegal to ride on the public road. Some mirrors and lights will make them street legal. ‘Supermoto’ falls into this category as well. These types of bikes, have smaller engines, they’re lightweight; a good option for new riders. Beware if short in height – as most of these types have high seats. If both feet can’t be on the ground when stopped – then the bike is too tall to ride safely. If both feet can’t be on the ground when stopped – then the bike is too tall to ride safely.

Standard – Generally have more of an upright riding position than a cruiser, (which leans the rider back). Or sports-bike, (which leans the rider forward). The engine size may vary, but doesn’t edge into the super-high range, a standard is a good; all around kind of bike, top of the list for new beginners.

Other features to consider.

Engine size – Motorcycles engines are measured in cubic centimetres, (CCs). This measures the volume inside part of the engine – air and fuel mixed that powers the bike forward.

Seat height – Both feet should touch the ground when at a stand still. To know what is right height whilst choosing the motorcycle – measure the inseam of the leg, from the bottom of the foot; to the groin. Try out bike heights, see which feel solid – whilst sitting.

Weight – Heavier motorcycles are better for the highway, but can be more difficult to manoeuvre. If the motorcycle is dropped – or the motorcycle gets knocked over (which will happen), it will need to be picked up – with no help. Take your strength into consideration when choosing the motorcycle.

Finally, take it for a test ride.

Don’t be afraid to ask, this will have a massive impact on the decision. Feel how the motorcycle performs; feel the weight of the bike, how it leans and handles whilst riding. Then enjoy the rest of the experience.