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How to Sell a Secondhand Motorcycle

You can sell your secondhand motorcycle for a fair price and a fast and smooth sale. You just need preparation for several things. Whether it’s a road or a dirt bike, you can sell a secondhand motorcycle easily with the right approach.

Here are some tips to make a good sale:

1. Appearance

Whatever the reason is for you to sell your bike, ensure that you commit to doing it and doing it right. Before buyers even think about buying, you can rest assured that the buyer has already researched the type of bike they want to buy, so it would be helpful for you to do that, too.

Don’t be an unmotivated seller and write something that looks like you are unwilling to sell your bike. In short, avoid being a buzzkill. Also, get someone else’s opinion about the condition of your bike since you most probably have sentimental feelings towards it as the owner.

Get someone whose objective will point out flaws in your bike, such as seat rips, leaking fork seals, tired paint, and cracked brackets. That way, you can price your motorcycle reasonably.

2. Function

Check your motorcycle’s tires and assess whether they’re still in good condition. If they’re not, you don’t need to replace them both as long as they only have minor flaws but are still decent enough.

You can clean your tires with a soapy brush, which will prevent your tires from looking so old compared to new ones. Also, remember that fake shiny black tires don’t really look like a good deal for any buyer.

The second thing on your list should be the brake pads. If they’re already too thin, it’s best to replace them than have a potential buyer knock the cost of replacements off the asking price. Also, that’ll lead them to closely look at other faults in your bike, which ends up with fewer sales than you initially asked for.

The third thing should be the oil. If it needs changing, do so, or else the buyer will again knock the replacement cost off your asking price.

3. Controls

Ensure that your motorcycle’s lights work, the indicators flash evenly, and the brake lights come on and off as directed. Check the horn and ensure the battery has enough charge for the engine to spin over easily. If your motorcycle clicks when you hit the starter button, that might mean another flaw.

If your battery is in poor condition, it might be better to get a new one. So, if the starter motor is not turning over, it might mean that it is prone to jamming or a flaw in the charging system. But either way, it’s not a good sign.

The bodywork, composed of the gas tank, mudguards, panels, and seat, should be checked. Washing your motorcycle’s bodywork with soapy water and rinsing it with clean water should be good enough. If what’s underneath doesn’t look enough, you can finish it off with some wax.

Final Thoughts

To reasonably price your motorcycle, you need to assess these three factors: appearance, function, and controls. Also, ensure that your bike is in good or decent condition to have better chances of getting a good deal.

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