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Selling You Old Motorbike? Here's What You Need to Know

Selling online is much easier now than in previous years, with many eCommerce platforms available for entrepreneurs who want to dabble in bringing their business to the digital arena. Besides catering to aspiring business owners, it's also convenient for people who just want to let go of their pre-loved motorbikes.

Many consumers prefer to shop online in today's digital-based market since it provides a much wider selection of options. Not all of these shoppers are looking for the latest releases of brand names. In fact, there's a considerable number of buyers who are on the search for the best deals on used motorbikes.

If you want your motorbike to fetch a good price in the online market, follow these five selling tips:

1. Prepare your bike's paperwork

Part of selling your bike is about being precise about what you're selling. This includes highlighting the brand, product model and accessories you need to include in the product listing. You need to look for your motorbike's paperwork to legitimise the sale, so it's best to have it on hand before you opt to sell it.

2. Take your motorbike to the shop for cleaning and repairs

If you've had your motorbike for a while, it may have some scratches and damages that will need repairs. Although you're selling a secondhand product, you still need to make it appealing to potential buyers. Performing these maintenance treatments beforehand can make buyers more trusting of your sale, especially for pre-owned bikes.

3. Include high-quality photos of your motorbike

You can attract a larger audience if you know the best angles to highlight your motorbike. Like any product listing, it's crucial to make a good first impression. After treating your motorbike for repairs, it's now fit for a photo op to highlight its quality and flair. However, don't run into the mistake of overselling what you have. It's best to meet your customers' expectations instead of losing your credibility in the market.

4. Respond to inquiries in a timely fashion

Prospective buyers having access to different online marketplaces can be detrimental to bike sellers. Since it's a competitive marketplace, it's necessary to make every interaction with potential buyers count. Remember to be punctual when responding to an inquiry and try your best to respond within the hour or day. Even when finalising a deal, it's best to stay in contact to secure the final details of payment and shipping.

5. Use the right keywords

Many businesses and brands utilise keyword targeting to increase the reach of their online posts. It's a typical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that allows pages to pop up more often on individual search engine queries. Using the right keywords on your product listing will garner a larger audience who might be willing to purchase the product you're selling.

Some buyers search for products by looking at new entries in tags of interest in online marketplaces. Besides getting more eyes from Google and Bing, using particular tags and hashtags is an excellent way to tap into other relevant listings on your chosen selling platform.


The trick to selling a motorbike for the best price is by going to the right online marketplaces. Besides the general options for online selling through Amazon and eBay, there are also specified marketplaces that cater to specific products and target markets. Finding a platform that matches your product's customer demographic is an excellent way to connect with a buyer online.

We provide a convenient platform for motorcycle aficionados in the UK to buy and sell motorbikes in York. Besides giving you a wider reach for your products, we can also handle sales, repairs and moving concerns to close your online deals. Contact us today, and we'll ensure to improve your trading experience!

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