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4 Good Reasons Buying a Used Motorcycle Is the Better Choice

For a motorcycle enthusiast, buying a motorcycle for the first time can be pretty exciting. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, one question comes to mind: should you invest in a brand new motorcycle or a secondhand one? The answer depends on your priorities. However, buying used motorcycles also has its perks. If you are considering this option, here are the four good reasons doing so would not disappoint:

Reason 1: You get your bike at a reasonable price

The most notable advantage is the significant savings. Buying a brand new bike obviously costs more. At the same time, it comes with other fees. There are document fees, set-up fees, destination charges, service fees, and more.

Besides saving money, you should know that a motorbike’s value does not depreciate as fast as a car’s, but you can still get huge savings. However, before buying your secondhand motorcycle, you need to make sure that:

  • It is still in good condition.

  • It comes with a warranty.

That way, you know that your purchase would be worth it.

Reason 2: Used motorcycles are the best for beginners

For a beginner, working on your riding skills would be best on a secondhand motorcycle. It will hurt less if your bike is scratched and damaged, which is sometimes unavoidable for neophytes. By the time you master your riding skills and need an upgrade, buying a brand new motorcycle would not cause you as much regret.

Reason 3: You get to enjoy riding classic bikes

Buying a secondhand motorcycle is the best route if you enjoy owning anything classic. Admit it; classic motorcycles are just too appealing, especially those manufactured in the 1950s. In fact, modern bike designs always try to emulate the classic look of vintage bikes, but nothing beats actually driving a classic motorcycle.

If you prefer a ride on a vintage motorcycle, find a secondhand motorcycle that suits your taste. The good news is that there is a well-established market for people looking for older styles. With some restoration and patience, you can flaunt your vintage bike. After all, just because it is old does not mean it is obsolete.

Reason 4: You don’t often go for rides

A used motorcycle is better if you only use it for your hobby. If you have a car or expect to be too busy to go riding, investing in a secondhand motorcycle might be more favourable. Opt for this choice if you use your motorcycle less frequently than others. That would make the purchase less costly than it should be. You would not feel the guilt of not making the most out of your investment.


Brand new motorcycles are always an excellent investment, but the excellence of the purchase depends on many factors. If you find any of the reasons mentioned above valid, then perhaps you should consider buying a secondhand motorbike for now. You can take your ownership of a secondhand motorcycle as an opportunity to save up for that bigger and better bike.

If your used motorcycles need repair, interim, and major service, We Buy Motorbikes is here to help. Aside from buying motorcycles, we also offer MOT, wheels powder coating, fault diagnostics, and more. We also offer free collection and delivery. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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