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What to Consider When Choosing Your First Motorbike

Buying your first bike is an experience you’ll never forget because it offers an experience unlike any other—the freedom and pleasure of realising that a motorcycle is all yours.

Old-timers say there are a few mistakes they would have avoided if they had known when buying their first bike. This is why you should make buying your first bike memorable for all the right reasons.

To some extent, the type of bike you choose is up to you and your budget, but you should at least know the wide range of motorcycle types, so you don’t choose a bike that’s not suited to your skill and needs.

Main Types of Motorcycles

1. Sport/Touring

Sportbikes offer a balance of power and control for high-speed cornering and quick acceleration. Sport-tourers, also called sport-touring or sport-tourers, combine a sportbike and a touring bike. Sport-touring bikes are heavier and have taller seats than sportbikes.

2. Cruiser

Cruisers are known for their comfort and style, with upright seating and a relaxed riding position. Cruisers have power for highway speeds and long distances.

3. Scooter

Scooters are small motorcycles with very little power, low seats, and small wheels. Scooters are inexpensive, easy to manoeuvre, and are less intimidating than larger bikes.

4. Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are designed for sport riding on unpaved surfaces such as dirt roads and fields. Dirt bikes have lightweight frames, powerful engines, and tires designed for the dirt.

5. Adventure-Touring

Adventure-tourers are touring bikes that can handle paved and unpaved surfaces, suitable for long-distance touring or commuting. Their dual-purpose tires are lightweight but not suited for off-road riding.

First Thing’s First: Fit

Before shopping for a motorcycle, determine your riding style to narrow down what you want in your first bike. If you are the athletic type, you may want a sportbike. You may want a cruiser if you are more of a relaxed rider. If you prefer to go off-road, a dirt bike may better fit.

Also, consider your height, leg length, and inseam. The appropriate bike size will make a big difference in comfort and enjoyment.

Next, you need to determine what type of riding you will do. Short trips on the weekend or longer journeys on roadways may require different bikes. You may need to find a knowledgeable salesman about your type of riding and what bike is best suited for it.

Get a Professional’s Advice

It’s hard to know everything you need to know about motorcycling just by reading and watching videos. The best way to learn is with a professional instructor. Motorcycle riding schools can offer a structured way to learn the basics, with expert advice on choosing your first bike. A certified professional will take you through the basics—from riding positions to shifting to cornering.


With good advice, research and experience, you will indeed find your first motorcycle. Whatever your choice, make sure you get a good feel for the bike. A new bike is a significant investment but a very rewarding one. Whatever you decide, have fun, be safe, and ride often!

At We Buy Motorbikes, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers an exceptional professional experience. We provide a fast and efficient turnaround whilst maintaining the highest of standards.

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