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4 Important Considerations When Selling Your Motorcycle

Every motorcycle enthusiast will have to trade in an older model for a new one eventually. It is the truth of being a collector. If you’ve never done it before, however, it can be a difficult task. There are plenty of considerations you need to think about if you hope to sell your motorcycle for the right price.

To help you with that, we have created this guide to helping people sell their old machine, for whatever reason. With no further ado, here are 4 things that can affect the sale price of your motorcycle:

1. Timing

As with all things, markets shift up and down. Certain points of the year are better for buyers, and certain times are better for sellers. It is important to understand the shifts and turns in the market to better exploit this phenomenon. It also depends on the type of motorcycle you hope to sell. For example, a dirtbike is more likely to sell at higher prices in the autumn or winter.

2. Paperwork

This, perhaps, is the most boring part of motorcycle ownership and trading, but it can help speed up the selling process if you routinely update and keep on top of your paperwork. The V5 and MoT certificate is essential. The service history and warranty paperwork might sweeten the deal as well. Bills for any jobs should also be included if possible.

The more evidence you have that the motorcycle received appropriate and sufficient care, the more highly you can price it. Not only that, but these meticulous records can also prove that the machine is in good working condition in the event of a dispute or fine.

3. Cleanliness

The newer your motorcycle looks, the better your pricing can get. Cleaning products and jobs might cost you quite a bit, but there are a few jobs you can do yourself. For example, you can take the fairings off and clean inside. It is also good to clean and shine the wheels to make it look prettier. It might also be worth replacing all the rusted bolts, nuts, and fastenings.

It might also be worth considering replacing tires, chains, discs, sprockets, pads, and other consumables. This can make it more palatable to the buyer, but of course, this will cost a fair amount. You could also forgo the replacement entirely and sell the unit as is.

4. Honesty

One of the most important things about selling any property or piece of equipment is to be honest about it. All machines fall to a certain amount of wear and tear eventually, which your buyers will understand. While it is important to highlight the positive qualities of your machine, you mustn’t gloss over any issues it might be suffering from.

This is not only good business practice but a form of legal protection. If any injury or damage happens while the motorcycle is in the possession of someone else, you might be liable if you are proven to have had prior knowledge of the issues that caused it.

Final thoughts

These are just four of the most important considerations when selling your motorcycle. There are likely more that you need to think about, such as extenuating circumstances in the market and so on, but these should provide you with a good baseline. Hopefully, you’ll get a good deal enough to buy your next model.

If you need a platform to sell your motorbike, get your valuation from us at We Buy Motorbikes. Not only do we buy all makes and models, but we also provide free nationwide collection. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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