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5 Signs It's The Right Time to Sell Your Old Motorbike

Your motorbike has provided you with many years of fun and thrills. All beautiful things, however, must come to an end. While everyone's situation is unique, we have noticed a few common trends among motorcycle owners looking to sell their precious machines. Let's go over some credible reasons to sell your motorbike. If any of these apply to you, feel free to contact We Buy Motorbikes so we can arrange a valuation and a free collection anywhere in the UK!

1. Your Looking to Upgrade But Have a Lien On Your Old Ride

If you're like most people, you'd like to finance only one motorbike at a time. As a result, it makes financial and logical sense to sell your bike first. However, as previously stated, selling it privately takes time, money, and even more time. When you transact with a reputable dealer like We Buy Motorbikes, you’re likely to get a better deal, and a fast one at that, too. You can use the extra cash to finish off your existing loan, with the remainder used as a down payment on your new set of wheels.

2. Your Lifestyle Has Changed (Babies on the Way?)

Whether your life has changed, you've lost interest, the thrill has worn off, or you don't have the time, there's no reason to keep something you no longer use. In reality, all of these are indications that it is time to sell your motorcycle. And you shouldn't just let your bike sit in your garage or storage. The last thing you want is for bugs or rust to take over your bike. If this is your situation, you should sell your ride as soon as possible.

3. You Want to Prevent Further Depreciation

One important reason to sell your present motorbike before purchasing a new one is to avoid additional depreciation. Depreciation is defined as "the loss in value that occurs naturally as an object is used or ages." The year, make, and model of a vehicle all affect depreciation.

A motorcycle's value depreciates the moment it is purchased and driven off the lot. And depreciation is never-ending. As a result, the value of your bike will continue to fall year after year.

4. Mileage is Getting Too High

While mileage isn't everything when selling a used bike, it's something to consider. However, if you intend to use your current bike to help pay for an upgrade, you must also consider mileage. In reality, motorcycles with high mileage are worth less than comparable motorcycles with comparable features. So, if your bike has many miles on it, you may want to sell it before costly repairs add up, or the value depreciates. (As a side note, service your bike regularly to keep it in good condition when it comes time to sell.)

5. You're Looking to Explore Other Riding Terrains With a New Bike

Changing motorbike type is more common than you might think. For example, you might start off riding a standard bike. It was cost-effective and a good choice for your first bike, but now, you enjoy taking long trips and want to move to a touring model. There are various reasons to change motorcycle types: your riding style has evolved, the terrain you're riding on has changed, you need additional storage, you want the latest features, etc. Take a good look at the bike you currently have to see if it's meeting all of your needs or if it's time to make a switch.


So there you have it, selling your old motorcycle can be a wise albeit sentimental decision. It helps ease the transition when you're able to get the most money out of your old-timer.

Well, don't bat an eyelid! We Buy Motorbikes has got the best deals for you! If you're thinking "How to sell my motorcycle in York", we have over 20 years of solid reputation of buying and selling used motorbikes. Contact us today!

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