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Before You Buy a Superbike: 4 Things You Should Know

Besides the convenience of owning two wheels, owning a bike has many other perks than having a car. It doesn’t cost half as much to maintain, and it’s more agreeable on most roads. However, a superbike can give you the need for speed you’re looking for. Rivalling a supercar’s output with a fraction of a price, it’s an excellent way to quench your thirst for an exhilarating experience.

Like a supercar, there are many caveats to owning a superbike primarily due to its function and design. For this reason, it’s necessary to be an educated buyer before you consider spending money on an expensive purchase. If you’re planning on buying a superbike, here are four things you should know:

1. Almost all superbikes belong in the track

Superbikes run their best on tracks, except for a few models. This is why it’s unlikely for you to find one on the streets or along rough roads. A superbike’s tuning and components won’t work well with uneven roads since it can damage its cowl and high-gripping tires. Like supercars, the limited ground clearance will make riding a superbike uncomfortable if you’re not at a track. If you want to buy a superbike for commuting, you need to ensure that its specifications allow it for use outside paved racing tracks.

2. Mastering a superbike takes time

Mastering a superbike will take time, even if you’re familiar with driving a bike. Since it’s built for race tracks, you will need to adjust to driving a superbike to match your cruising and optimum racing speeds. It’s best to go back to driving school specifically for superbikes to avoid damaging your vehicle and sustaining heavy injuries. Instead of going to your local driving school, you may need to seek a professional mentor to guide you.

3. Maintaining your superbike will cost you plenty

Owning a superbike requires you to prepare for costly maintenance work. Although it has a more explosive power output, it’s also more sensitive to adjustments and wear and tear. For example, a superbike’s tires wear out more quickly than conventional motorcycles. Its tires usually just run under 10,000 kilometres in the right conditions. This is why it’s necessary to get an oil change and tire replacement service when necessary to ensure its optimum performance.

Besides its physical components, a superbike will also require high-quality fuel. Your bike’s manufacturer will indicate an octane number that will work best with your vehicle. Generally, the higher the octane number, the more expensive the grade of fuel you’ll have to use.

4. A superbike’s accessories are just as expensive

If you’re a fan of accessorising your ride, you should prepare your wallet for a beating. Replacing centre stands or accessory lights won’t be as cheap as replacing your standard commuter’s model. Besides your vehicle’s accessories, you also need to have the appropriate riding gear. Although it’s not mandatory when travelling in public, it’s best to invest in your own riding gear if you’ll take your superbike on the track.


Owning a superbike gives you the experience of embracing fast speeds while looking sleek and fashionable. Unless you’re a competitive racer, there’s no shame in looking for a secondhand superbike to get the same benefits without paying the full price. Although you’re buying a used model, it’s important to buy from a reliable seller with complete documents on the bike to ensure your purchase's authenticity.

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