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A Few Useful Tips for Buying a Secondhand Motorcycle

Nothing beats owning your dream bike, even if it’s not brand new. Purchasing a used motorcycle is not a bad idea at all, especially if you save money while still owning a machine that is fun, convenient, and reliable. However, choosing the right and quality motorcycle is a challenge—more so if you inherit the headaches from the previous owner.

If you are looking for a secondhand motorcycle with a fantastic deal, here are some of the valuable tips you can look into before purchasing a used motorcycle.

1. Set a Budget

Before you even think about buying that dream motorcycle, it is crucial to set your budget first to avoid overspending and regretting buying an overly expensive secondhand bike. A budget cap is necessary because customers can become overwhelmed in negotiations. What if there are additional costs? Repairs? Restorations? There are other costs you must think about on top of the price of the bike.

2. Decide on the Type of Motorcycle that Fits You

Knowing the type of motorcycle you want can help you narrow down your choices. To help you decide what to choose, here are the types of motorcycle:

  • Commuters Bike - This type is best suited for city use and occasional highway cruising. The best about having this type of bike is its low maintenance and owning costs.

  • SuperSport Bike - SuperSport bikes are distinct from other motorcycles on the road. It stands out due to its fairing engine coverage compartment from the side and the visor to deflect the wind. This type of bike is aerodynamic, commonly used in race tracks.

  • Street Naked Bike - This motorcycle has the same engine as a supersport bike. Their difference lies in the riding ergonomics because a supersport motorcycle is designed for a leaning sitting position while the street naked allows a more relaxed riding position.

  • Cruisers - Cruisers are more comfortable when going on long rides because they have a perfect low-end punch and a decent mid-range, making them a bit lethargic on highways.

  • Adventure - Adventure bikes are perfect for rough roads and can even go off-road. However, they may be underutilized in the city.

3. Examine the Vehicle

The overall system of the motorcycle will determine if it is a good deal or not. Stay away from motorcycles with suspiciously low costs. Before you decide to purchase it, make sure to check the following systems first:

  • Lights - Lights are the usual suspect of damage. The headlights may have wiring issues, inoperative bulbs, and water stains.

  • Brakes -This part is the most important thing you should check because they can be expensive to repair. Look for any signs of brake line leaks, and don’t ignore the spongy brake feel. If there’s a pulsating feel when braking, the rotors must be replaced immediately, which can cost you a lot of money.

  • Engine - Engines are usually tampered with. You can identify a bike with a lousy engine if you notice an annoying piston noise or a clicking sound from the head. Also, remember to check for oil leaks from the oil sump or the crankcase, as it will indicate poor engine condition.

  • Suspension - The suspension components will keep the motorcycle up and planted on the road. An exhausted suspension usually bottoms out or leaks oil and feels extra soft with no progressive response.

  • Rust - The number one enemy of a motorcycle is rust, so if you see rust, move on to the next one.

  • Speedometer - Usually, bike owners tamper with speedometers to escalate the rate. See if there are any scratches around the instrument area to know if the speedometer has been forced open.

4. Review its Service Record

You will know if the used motorcycle has been taken care of by the owner if they keep records about the history of the bike. In fact, this is essential not just in motorbikes, but in most vehicles.

5. Test Drive the Motorbike

In the end, taking the motorcycle out for a spin will allow you to assess if it’s the right bike for you. While in the process, you can determine if it is in good condition since you can diagnose the parts yourself.


When hunting for a used motorcycle, the most important tip is to take your time and lower your expectations. It is also crucial to buy from a trusted dealer for honest, accurate, and fair motorcycle valuations.

If you are looking for a used motorcycle for sale in York, We Buy Motorbikes sells quality used motorbikes at affordable prices. We buy and sell used bikes, helping both sellers and buyers find the best value. Reach out to us today!

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