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Getting a New Motorcycle: To Sell or Not To Sell the Old One

Motorcycles are a fun way to get around. A ride on the town, enjoying the sites is seemingly more enjoyable when you feel the wind in your hair! You undoubtedly know this already if you have a motorcycle. If you are thinking about buying another motorbike, you may be wondering what to do with your first one.

At this point, it might be a good decision to consider selling your first motorcycle before you buy a new one. Although it may seem hard to let go of your first ride, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to this particular scenario. If you are torn between the two sides of this decision, this article will help you out!

Getting a New Motorcycle: To Sell or Not To Sell the Old One

If you are buying a new motorcycle, you may not want to sell your old one. This may be especially true if you have gotten attached to it. However, there is sound reasoning behind selling before you buy a new motorcycle, and the following list will shed some light on why.

1 - Avoid Depreciation

Cars, motorbikes, and other types of vehicles depreciate fairly quickly. Which is why keeping on a second motorbike may not be the best decision. The motorcycle will lose its value over time, the longer you wait to sell it, the less you will be able to get for it.

2 - Make an Informed Purchase Decision

Selling your old motorbike will allow you to make a better and more informed decision about buying a new one. You will not consider the current features of your old motorbike when you are looking for your potential new bike. Selling your old bike will help you make a fresh start in your purchase decision.

3 - Have Money to Buy the New Bike

If you decide to sell your old motorbike, you will have more money to add to your budget. This will enable you to choose a higher-end model with better features, allowing for a true upgrade from your old ride.

4 - Avoid Spending Double on Maintenance

Having two motorcycles will warrant the need for double the maintenance costs. Also, it will be much more difficult to find parts for your old bike, making maintenance more tedious and expensive.

5 - You Can’t Use Two Motorcycles

Lastly, remember that you cannot ride two motorcycles at the same time. Plus, you need to face the fact that you will be using the newer one more often. Keeping the older bike might only make sense if you plan to give it as a gift to someone. Other than that, it is generally not a good idea to have two motorcycles.


Now that you are aware of the impact that selling your old motorcycle will have on your life, you will now be able to make an informed choice on the matter of selling it before you buy a new one. If you are worried about not finding the right buyer, selling to the right group will ensure that they find someone who will buy and give your old bike the care it deserves.

Should you be interested in selling your old motorbike, WeBuyMotorbikes can help! We have used motorcycles bought and sold from commuters to superbikes, enduro, custom, sports, and touring. All makes All models ANY condition ANY age accepted! Sell your motorcycle today!

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