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4 Tactics to Afford Your Dream Bike without Much Cash

To own a bike, you must first save up to purchase one! This includes saving a significant portion of your income every month for many years, right? Well, these days, there are more options for bike enthusiasts. You can get away with your dream bike even if you do not have the money to pay for a factory-new bike upfront!

If you are curious to learn about these secrets, read on. Today, we are going to share exactly how you can afford your dream bike even if you are a little short:

1. Hire or lease one

If you are not in the market to own a bike, you can consider hiring or leasing a motorcycle. There are a few advantages to this. For example, you can upgrade your bike whenever you want and get full servicing for it. Plus, should anything go wrong with your bike, you can have it exchanged for a fully working one immediately. This is a great tactic if you use the bike primarily for work, such as delivering food and such.

2. Look for financing

Many trustworthy motorbike dealerships will offer some form of financing. Even if you do not have the cash to pay for the whole bike upfront, you can opt for monthly payment plans to pay off the bike. Of course, if you opt for this type of payment solution, consider the interest rates, deposits, and the like. This will enable you to choose a solution you can afford while still allowing you to "own" the bike until your payments cover the full price.

3. Trade-in your motorbike

If you have a motorbike sitting around in your home, you can trade it in for another motorbike. Many dealerships that buy or sell secondhand motorbikes might also purchase that motorbike off of you, allowing you to use the equity in your old bike to finance your new bike.

Note that, in some cases, you may be able to sell your motorcycle more privately, so if this is a tactic you want to employ, try and find buyers for your bike first. However, get a price from the dealership so that you have a starting point or target to surpass when trying to sell the bike.

4. Opt for a second-hand bike

Second-hand bikes are not all that bad. New second-hand bikes often have their price slashed significantly because they have already been driven. This makes them incredibly affordable and the perfect choice for those looking for a new bike that’s only slightly used.

Just be sure to thoroughly research the bike you want to purchase and inspect the unit before paying. Give it a test drive if you can, and do whatever it takes to catch any problems. This way, you can avoid buying something with hidden issues that end up costing more than the bike to fix!


With all of those strategies, you can set out for your new motorcycle. If you want to purchase a brand-new bike without breaking the bank, you can opt for financing solutions provided by the dealership or third parties. If you do not mind purchasing an older bike to save plenty of cash, then looking for a secondhand bike is your best bet.

Whatever your needs are, it will affect how you obtain your bike. Fortunately, regardless of the choice you pick above, they will all help you obtain a bike even if you do not have the cash needed to pay for the bike upfront!

We Buy Motorbikes are buyers of second-hand bikes, providing nationwide free collection, hassle-free valuation, and more to make your life of selling your motorcycle easy and straightforward. If you are looking to sell your motorcycle online and buy an affordable one in York, contact us today!

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