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4 Motorbike Selling Scam Tactics You Must Be Wary Of

For those looking to buy a second-hand bike, there are plenty to pick from. Many choices on the market are still in good condition and are priced quite reasonably. Unfortunately, not every deal and interaction will end up beneficial. There are plenty of scammers in every industry, and the same can be of the secondhand motorbike market. Not only will they do whatever it takes to get your money, but they may also ramp up the price way higher than what the bike is worth.

To ensure you do not fall prey to these scams, we will talk about some common scam tactics to signal that you might be walking right into one:

1. The sad story

Of course, some individuals will have legitimate sad stories, some saying they are selling the bike after a loved one has passed or paying for hospital bills. Unfortunately, scammers will also make up such stories to capitalise on your emotions. An excellent way to tell that the story is fake is if they ask you to transfer the money online using platforms like PayPal. They will try to avoid you at all costs, and once you pay them, you'll never hear from them again.

2. The busy seller act

The busy seller act involves someone trying to get you to meet them at a certain time and place, asking you to pay a portion of the bike upfront to "secure" the bike. However, when you show up at the designated place, they do not show up. They later call you asking to reschedule the meeting, all the while asking to send more money to secure the bike. To avoid this problem, never pay anyone if you have never met them in person.

3. The relocation story

Much like the sad story scam, scammers can also use the relocation story to steal your money. For example, they might claim to be near your area, but they will tell you they have moved out when you reach out to them. They will then promise to send the bike after they have finished "visiting their friends." Meanwhile, you will be asked to send the payment online under a false promise that the bike will be shipped to you. In the end, however, no bike will arrive.

4. The amazing price scam

See a price that is too good to be true? That is more than likely to be the case. Scammers know that buyers are constantly on the lookout for bikes that are priced unbelievably low. They might capitalise on the fact that when someone is excited, their better judgment might be compromised. Unfortunately for the buyer, once the money is paid, the seller will disappear. As such, be wary of low prices, as they are more than likely scams.


You may face a few other scam tactics in the real world, such as fake classifieds websites or even false escrow companies. You can immunise yourself against these scams if you pay careful attention to the red flags. Not being able to meet the buyer or not seeing the bike in person are signals you must be wary of. Do your research thoroughly, and do whatever it takes to guarantee the fact you will get the right bike for the right amount of money.

We Buy Motorbikes is a genuine and trustworthy independent motorbike dealer in York, helping buyers and sellers bike without a hassle at the best price possible. If you are looking to sell your motorcycle and more, let us help!

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