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3 Parts of a Used Bike You Need to Look at Before Buying One

Are you looking to purchase a used bike? Although you may save a lot of money doing so, there are a lot of mistakes you can also make that can end up costing you money in the long run.

Unlike purchasing new bikes, used bikes are subject to all sorts of issues, simply because they've been used already. As such, you have to pay extra attention to the used bike's condition to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for, which, in most cases, is a bike that works well.

With that in mind, here are the parts of a used bike you need to look at before buying one:

1. The Oil

Some bikes have a sight glass you can peer in to check the oil. If you notice that the glass is a little brown or discoloured, it is a sign that the oil has started to varnish the inside of the engine. This is generally caused by a lack of oil changes.

If there is no such sight glass, you can use a stick or a cloth to dip in the oil via the filler cap. If it looks clean, then you are working with new oil. If the oil is black, it means that the oil has been in there for a while—although this is still normal.

However, if you notice milky streaks in it, then that means that water is getting into the oil—which is a big no! Any shiny metal flakes in the oil is also a terrible sign, so avoid any bike that either has oil with water in it or metallic flakes.

2. The Tires

Unless the tire has been changed recently, old tires will always show some form of wear and tear. However, if you see that the tires have worn down evenly and smoothly, then you do not have to worry.

If you do notice severe tire wear on the rear tire, it could be a sign that the previous owner may love to do burnouts or drive incredibly long distances. Any flat spots on the tire are signs that the previous driver would constantly brake hard and possibly even skid, causing the flat spots. If you are planning to replace the tires when you buy the bike, then it shouldn't be too much of a concern. However, if you aren't planning to, these signs will be vital to you!

3. The Suspension

When shoving down the forward of the bike, it should spring back up slowly and quickly, and also without any sound.

If you hear any loud noises, this is a bad sign! There is a chance that some dirt or grime has got into the suspension, causing various types of damage.

Also, take a look at the fork seals. It should be clean. If there is a little bit of oil, you may need to replace the fork seals as that means that they have gotten old. If you do notice nicks or rust on the tubes, then expect to carry out a significant repair on it! All in all, the forks should be clean and smooth, and the suspension should bring the bike back up to its position without any trouble or sound when you bounce on it.


Apart from the parts of the bike we've stated above, everything from the chain down to the fuel tank is parts you need to analyse for any damages. Put simply, you will want to thoroughly look around the bike for any potential issues which can end up incurring more costs on your end!

If you do spot any damages, make sure that they're repairable. More importantly, if the seller did not mention the issue, use it as leverage to try and get a better deal! If you cannot get a deal out of the issue you've discovered or aren't up to fix the bike, feel free to look at another used bike. There are plenty in the market, and there's bound to be one that fits your needs!

We Buy Motorbikes are used bike buyers and sellers—helping both sellers and buyers find the best value for their bikes to make the most out of them! If you are looking for used motorbikes for sale in York, reach out to us today!

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