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Be Safe on the Road: A Refresher on Safe Motorcycle Riding

Since the weather has been downright awful, and daylight has suddenly been in rather short supply, not to mention the roads being quite filthy, a lot of us have understandably let our motorcycles "rest" during wintertime. However, letting your motorcycle "hibernate" may inevitably lead to some brain fog in terms of overall riding skills that were otherwise quite impressive during the warmer months.

Whether you're hopping on your current ride or looking to buy motorcycles for sale to ride anew, it's always important to be safe. Read on for some of the best, safest riding tips explained to refresh your memory and help you be ready when you can go riding again.

Acknowledge skill fade and be realistic

It's practically impossible for you to have the same skills and prowess that you did before winter. There is already a marked difference when you don't bike for some days, what more weeks and months? Focus on reorienting yourself with things like acceleration.

Be absolutely certain that you're in a good place with the right mindset before you even sit on your motorcycle

It's important to be confident that you are in the proper headspace before you go riding again. One of the most crucial parts of riding, whether it's a brand-new one or one of those used motorcycles, is being self-aware.

Think about the time that has passed between the moment you're about to hop on for a ride again and the last time you actually did it. Take your time and don't schedule this ride on a day when you need to hurry to get somewhere.

Didn't ride for 3-4 months? Don't join a rush-hour commute on a weekday just yet. Make sure you're able to refocus and get back into the right "zone.” The first ride back should essentially be about riding again, nothing else.

Reacquaint yourself with your motorbike and riding in general

While it can be incredibly tempting, avoid going full speed ahead during your first ride back out there. It's understandable to have the impulse to do just that. Putting your helmet on and seeing things through your visor will give you a boost and/or a rush. This is particularly true for people whose last ride involved a day at the tracks.

Even if it's true that you're not necessarily a newbie, it may serve you well to act as if you were one. Get your skills back up to where they were, or the closest you can do it. Don't leave the basic controls of the machine to your muscle memory like you used to do, and take in things like how the brakes bite.


Winter can be terrible for riding a motorcycle, so understandably, most riders opt to simply not ride at all until the warmer months roll back in. This is a great rule of thumb. However, it's key to not just jump on and go at full speed after some weeks or months of not riding. Safety is crucial when riding a bike. It's important to acknowledge that skills fade and that you need to reacquaint yourself with your bike.

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