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Selling your Bike? Here Are 5 Tips You Should Know

One of the worst instances that can happen to you when selling your motorbike is to be ripped off by some bikers out there. Sadly, any bike code does not matter. Theft and fraud are rampant, especially nowadays, when digital transactions are commonly used.

To avoid being ripped off, here are tips you should consider:

Set the place where you should meet

You're the one selling, so make sure that you meet on your terms. You can decide if the meeting venue is in your home or anywhere you can be comfortable doing the transaction. It is recommended to choose a public and busy location such as a motorway service station.

Have a companion during the sale

In case you're not too confident about making the sale, it would be better to have another person with you. A common technique to deceive sellers is a distraction, so having someone with you can help you stay focused on the transaction. He/she can watch you, and anything suspicious can be possibly noticed.

This is also very helpful during signing paperwork. Your companion can help you verify and confirm the amount of payment that is agreed upon.

Conduct inspections and test rides

It is not advisable to let the buyer test ride without giving the full payment. This should be explained to the buyer first, and they should also sign a disclaimer stating that when an incident happens with the bike's involvement, they will become its legal owner immediately.

Also, make sure that the meetup and inspection of the bike happen within their insurance companies' operating hours. You can also take the opportunity to see if the buyer is allowed to ride other bikes.

Do not leave the bike alone with the buyer or let them hold the keys to your bike. If you need to get something important, make sure to place them in a secured place, even if that means putting the steering wheel lock on.

Choose a safe mode of payment

Although mobile apps and online banking are widely used nowadays, cash is still the most preferred payment method by many. Beware of a fake check, forged notes and other suspicious online payment transactions.

In case you need to accept cash as payment, make sure to have it deposited in the bank on the same day. Burglars who know that there is cash in your home can think of bad actions to get it.

Do not forget to have the paperwork

When selling a bike, make sure to complete the needed documents, registrations and other important paperwork. Prepare the Vehicle Registration Documents (VRD) where the details such as engine size, model and date when the bike was first registered are included. Be informed on the whole process of selling bikes to avoid legal problems in the future.


The process of selling your valued bike can be as hard as letting it go if you are not yet well-rounded with the whole process. It is crucial that you have the correct pointers in mind to avoid being ripped off by some buyers. What you need is the right information when making the sale.

Have a safe transaction when selling your bike! Here at We Buy Motorcycles, we buy motorcycles for cash in York in a hassle-free manner. Contact us, and we'll provide you with the most competitive buying rates in the market today!

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