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The 3 Steps to Storing Your Motorcycle for a Long Period

Part of owning a motorcycle is the chance to drive it around town as much as you want to ensure it maintains its good condition and achieves its full potential. But when there comes the point in time where you have to retire from riding for an indefinite period, you have no choice but to store your bike in the garage.

Regardless of the reason behind your temporary break, storing your motorcycle for a long time isn’t merely about parking it in your property, forgetting about your vehicle, and returning to it after a few months. You can’t expect your used motorcycle to still be in the same condition as you left it unless you take the precautionary measures to ensure your ride is still in an excellent state.

Keep reading below to find out the correct way to take care of your motorcycle before you go ahead and store your vehicle safely in your garage for an extended period.

Wash Your Motorcycle Thoroughly

If you’ve gotten used to washing your motorcycle each time you take it out for a ride, it’s essential to continue doing your routine and give your bike one final cleaning before you put it away. If your previous trips ended with your motorcycle accumulating all kinds of dirt and muck, it’s only necessary that you get rid of them once more and ensure your bike is free from buildup of various filth.

The unnecessary grime that becomes left on your bike’s exterior for a lengthy amount of time can eventually cause damage to its paint and even lead to corrosion. Instead of saving money, you will end up needing to bring your motor in for repairs. So when you’re done washing your bike, allow it to dry up under sunlight before driving it over to your garage for safekeeping.

Manage the Gas Tank of Your Bike

Before you store your vehicle, make sure to monitor its gas tank and check to see its situation. If it’s half full or nearly empty, make an effort to fill its tank up with gas until there’s no room for air to affect your bike.

If you store your motorcycle with a half-filled gas tank, you can expect to experience maintenance issues, such as gunk accumulation, which can end up affecting your fuel system. But for bike owners who don’t want to maintain a full tank, you can also consider using up all of your motorcycle’s gas first and drying it up before storing it away.

Change the Oil of Your Motorbike

It’s basic knowledge that you need to take your bike to the shop for an annual oil change. The same goes for situations that involve storing your bike in your garage for an unknown duration.

While the engine oil stands as your vehicle’s lubricant, it also works to maintain the filtration system of your motorcycle in good condition. Initiating the necessary oil change keeps corrosion at bay and prevents your bike’s gears and bearings from becoming affected by high levels of acid.


Whether you’re keeping your motorcycle in the garage for a couple of weeks, months, or years, it is crucial to remember to wash your bike thoroughly, manage its gas tank, and change its oil. Doing so prevents problems from occurring the moment you’re back from your break, and you’re ready to ride your motorbike for miles on end again.

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