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The Challenges of Selling a Motorcycle Online

You might find yourself in a situation where it’s absolutely necessary to sell your motorcycle. It may not be something that you want to do but one that you need to. And because we live in a digital world, you’d think that the best way to sell a motorcycle is to advertise it online.

While that is generally correct, you might soon realize that it’s not as easy and as simple as some might think. There are some challenges that are beyond your control, but most of them you could actually overcome. Here are some of those hurdles that you might encounter when you sell your motorcycle online:

It’s Not Seen by the Right Audience

Your first thought when you’re selling your motorcycle online is to post the ad on such platforms as Gumtree and perhaps some Facebook groups for motorcycle enthusiasts. But that doesn’t always work for one reason – they’re often saturated with sellers and dealers who are also vying for buyer’s attention, so it’s hard to get traffic.

If you do get some inquiries, they always end up with the potential buyer haggling, meaning you might have to settle for a lower price than what you want to get for your motorcycle.

It’s still best to find a different platform that has a broader audience reach.

Your Expectations Are Quite High

Here’s the thing – you can’t really add the cost of all the customizations you have made to the price of the bike when you sell it. One reason is that when you customized it, you made the tweaks to your taste, and they may not exactly appeal to other people. Often, custom vehicles are harder to sell, and it sometimes ends up that the modifications that owners paid so much for end up reducing the selling price.

You also need to learn to look past the sentimental value of the motorcycle. Buyers don’t really care about that. They are after the make and model, the condition of the bike, and yes, the price.

People Will Always Prioritize Their Best Interest

You have to be realistic here. While it’s possible that you’ll encounter some buyers who are respectful of the sellers’ time. But you’ll find that there are more out there who simply do not care about your time or your efforts. They just want to save money with their purchase.

Prepare yourself for ridiculous offers from low-ballers. You might even hear some harsh words, especially if you refuse to agree to the price they want to get your motorcycle for. Then there are also scammers to be wary of – they may lead you on and even go to such lengths as to make you agree to a meetup or even play on your emotions to try and get you to agree to the price they want.


You might think that all of these are just normal when you buy and sell motorbikes online. That may be true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to deal with these challenges. There is a way for you to get maximum exposure for the motorcycle you’re selling and not have to worry about hagglers and scammers who may give you a terrible experience. You can simply choose a reliable platform like We Buy Motorbikes that buy motorbikes from anywhere in the UK.

Getting your bike evaluated at We Buy Motorbikes is the best way to sell a motorcycle online. You get to sell it in three simple steps, minus the hassles that come with selling online on social media platforms. Contact us today and provide us with the details of your bike so you’ll get the best deal for it today!

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