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The Secondhand Motorbike Physical Inspection Process

Buying secondhand motorbikes can help you save money, whether you’re buying it while still saving for your dream bike or hoping to use it in your daily commute. However, to ensure that your expense is worthwhile, you need to buy used motorbikes in good condition.

A physical check should be part of the steps taken to assure that the bike is in good condition before finalising the deal. While this step is mandatory, it would be a waste if you do not know what to look for. Fortunately, this article will help you identify the critical factors you should check once you are in this stage of the buying process.

What to Inspect When Buying a Used Motorcycle

The Exterior and How It Looks

How the motorcycle looks is the first thing you, as a buyer and other people, will see, so make sure that you pay particular attention to your motorbike’s overall appearance before purchasing one. There are many different types of used bikes as well, and what you should get depends on your preferences and priorities.

For example, there are bikes labelled as “project or restoration” bikes. It means that these are flawed bikes that require a bit of fixing. Familiarise yourself with these terms to make a better purchase.

Do not fall for a clean bike at first glance. Ensure you do a thorough physical inspection, especially in the tight spots that people usually forget to clean. If you see these areas as sparkling clean, you can conclude that previous owners indeed took good care of the unit.

The Exhaust for Everyone’s Protection

You need to check if the motorbike’s exhaust is mounted well to the bike’s body. Otherwise, it the vibration might cause it to fall off as soon as you ride. Another important tip is to make sure that the owner does not drive the motorcycle before your inspection. Doing that would hide any noise, such as leaks, that some motorcycles have. Noise like that is only often heard upon starting the machine again after some rest.

Look for signs of dents as well. A motorcycle exhaust with marks in the header can cause issues in performance later.

The Frame and Its Noise

Check for any signs of dents and scratches in the frame too. These can quickly determine the history of the motorcycle. Through inspection, you can check whether this bike has been in an accident before. After that, proceed by checking the steering head bearings. You can do this by holding the front brake lever and then rocking the bike repeatedly. You need to observe for noises. If there is a noise, something in your steering wheel might be loose.

The Clutch and Brake

Two essential parts of the bike are the clutch and brake. When you squeeze the clutch, the process should be smooth. Releasing it should also be easy and without any snagging.

The brake should do its job quick and smoothly too. There should be no delay. Ideally, it should not make any sound. Otherwise, the motor needs to be adjusted or fixed.


Your purchase of a secondhand motorcycle would be better if you know what to look for, but these are only four motorbike parts. Going there with a technician to examine the vehicle would make it easier. Buying the vehicle from reliable secondhand sources could also make a huge difference.

If you are looking for used motorcycles for sale, browse through our shop. We only sell quality used motorbikes at affordable prices. As the UK’s leading independent motorbike dealers, we pride ourselves on honesty and trust by taking all the stress and hassle out of private selling with a no-haggle valuation.

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