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Top 5 Parts to Check When Purchasing a Used Motorbike

Did you know that there are many perks that come with purchasing a motorbike? You can take advantage of its various benefits, such as easy riding, road safety, minimal upkeep, and overall convenience. Whether you’re using it for leisure on your Sunday trips or as a form of transport for school and work, a motorbike can make a world of difference.

When it comes to owning a motorbike, you will usually have the option to buy a brand new or a used one. Investing in a secondhand vehicle is actually more affordable, and some used models are still in top shape and working condition when they are put on the market. However, you just have to be highly critical in selecting the right one.

In this article, we will share five components you must inspect first before purchasing a used motorbike in York:

1. Motorbike engine

The engine is the heart that powers your vehicle—without it, it won’t run at all! Whether it’s a two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engine, you have to ensure that it’s in top shape and working condition. As such, be sure to inspect the surrounding areas of the valve and engine covers for oil leaks. Also, check the hoses and tubes on the fuel line for cracks or cuts. Before making your decision, allow it to run for a certain period to ensure there are no leaks.

2. Clutch system

The clutch system serves to engage or disengage the drive from the engine to the transmission and the rear wheel. In other words, it acts as the middle component between your engine and the transmission. For this reason, you want to make sure that it’s working as smoothly as possible. If it’s dragging, it may probably need some lubrication or the cable may need a replacement.

3. Tyres and wheels

The tyres and wheels must not be neglected as they are the ones coming in contact with the road itself. When checking, you must ensure that they haven’t experienced significant wear and tear. First, see if there are no bulges and cracks by allowing the rear to spin. Second, make sure that the tyres are even and that there are no flat spots. Ultimately, check the tyres’ manufacturing age and ensure that the tyres aren’t more than five years old.

4. Bodywork

For aesthetic and functional purposes, you must pay particular attention to the bodywork of your motorbike. Be on the lookout for signs of minor and major damages, such as cracks and missing bolts in the fairings. Also, be sure to check its overall alignment so that you will have a smooth riding experience. Ultimately, opt for a motorbike with bodywork that appears nice and clean—as if it looks brand new!

5. Brake system

As with any vehicle, safety is a top priority, and crucial to this is the brake system. First, you must inspect the rotor for any signs of wear. If you feel a pulsating vibration when braking, you may need to replace it. Second, ensure that the brake lever returns to its original position. Finally, the bike must be able to roll freely without any drag in the brake callipers.


At this point, you now know what motorbike parts to check before making a purchase decision—engine, clutch, tyres and wheels, bodywork, and brake system. Be sure that these components are still in top shape and condition, and if not, make sure that they can still be fixed. Ultimately, your motorbike must be worth the price you pay for!

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