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Various Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Can Do at Home

There are various ways of caring for and maintaining your own motorcycle, and while many of them are usually done by mechanics, there are some that you can accomplish on your own. You may do them at home, and you will never have to spend too much in order to do them properly and efficiently.

If you happen to be the first-time owner of your own motorcycle, chances are, you have little to no knowledge about this. You’ve just earned your license and your new bike, and you want to learn more about its simple maintenance dos and don’ts.

In that case, you do not have to look further than the valuable tips and recommendations we’ve listed down below. Utilise them according to your motorcycle’s needs and take note of them for your future reference.

Maintain Tire Pressure

This is something fairly simple and doable, even for new motorcycle owners. While on the road, you may feel that something is not right and your tires are hobbling in an unexpected way. Be sure to check the tire pressure from time to time and look for any signs of holes or punctures that may have damaged them unexpectedly.

If the tire pressure of one tire doesn’t match the other, then you may fill it up with more air to ensure that you will have a smooth ride moving forward. If ever you spot a random puncture, do not take any chances and have it replaced immediately. You do not want to experience an accident on the road due to a damaged tire.

Change the Coolant

This is another simple task that you may do at your garage. So as long as you are familiar with the overall structure of your motorcycle, you may remove the important components one by one in order to reach the coolant drain bolt. Put a pan below it, then release the valve that will drain the old coolant from the components. Yes, this will take you more than 30 minutes to accomplish, but you can finish it more quickly if you know the components by heart. You will be able to disassemble, remove, drain, and reassemble all of the important parts, after which you may put in fresh coolant.

Clean the Motorcycle Chain

Modern motorcycles feature chains that are durable and non-susceptible to dirt, meaning that they require less maintenance than their vintage counterparts. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to exert effort in cleaning them from time to time. You still need to manage them well enough to last you a lifetime.

Brushing off dirt, lubricating the chain, and ensuring that nothing obstructs movement will benefit you and your ride. You also need to make sure that their joints are well-kept and free from any damage that they may have incurred during one of your rough travels. Frequency of use is a major factor in their longevity, and so is the type of travel that you’ve been using them for.


Maintaining your motorcycle doesn’t always mean that you should keep bringing it to your local mechanic. Sometimes, you may simply do all the necessary checks in the comfort of your garage. While major damage may indeed require utmost care and attention from professionals, minor tasks are entirely doable with the right amount of familiarisation with the components of the motorcycle.

Keeping the tire pressure balanced, changing the coolant, and cleaning the chains may lengthen the lifespan of your ride, as well as its ability to navigate through long travels and rough roads. Do them all regularly, and you will never run into any snags during your trip.

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