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What to Do When Your Motorcycle Is Stolen?: Our Guide

If you own a motorcycle, there’s a 3.3% chance that it will be stolen, what with almost 40,000 motorcycle thefts reported every year in the UK. What this figure tells you is that motorcycle theft is not as uncommon as you might expect.

The number might not be as high as in other countries, but it’s not something to be ignored. No matter what kind of motorcycle you are driving, the thought of waking up to find it gone is truly dreadful. But what should you do if you suddenly find yourself in this awful situation?

Here are five helpful tips shared by the experts at We Buy Motorbikes, your best source for used motorcycles for sale in the UK:

Report It to the Police

Your first instinct might be to tell your mates about it or post on your socials but resist the urge to do so and call the police right away to report the incident. It will be helpful if you are ready to answer questions that the authorities are most likely to ask, like when was the last time you saw your bike and any detail about it that could help their search. If it’s possible, you can also provide them with footage from your CCTV camera.

Don’t forget to take note of the crime report reference number that the insurance company will ask for later on.

Touch Nothing

It might not be the first thing that you’ll think of when you find that your motorbike is not where you last parked it, but you shouldn’t touch anything. It is, after all, a crime scene. You want the authorities to find the fingerprints of the thief as fast as possible, so you should try not to leave your own fingerprints in the area.

Look Around the Neighbourhood

You might want to consider driving around your neighbourhood, as the one who stole it may be someone who is careless or has only done it for the first time. They might not have gone far with your motorcycle, or they might have left it somewhere for some reason.

Let Your Insurance Company Know

If you still haven’t found your bike after searching for it and the police still have no updates, it’s important not to forget to call your insurance agency. Are you wondering why it’s not the first thing that you should do or at least the second one, after reporting it to the police? Well, it’s because if your bike is recovered, there’s a chance that the premium you’ll have to pay to insure again will be sky-high! So, you must be absolutely sure that it’s worth reporting before you make that important call.

Inform Your Local Garages

You should also go around the local businesses in the area that have something to do with motorcycles and let them know about your stolen bike. If possible, leave them with photos of your bike and your contact number so that they can reach out if they see it.


Losing your motorcycle can be a traumatising experience for anyone. Yet, it is important that you calm down and follow the steps we’ve shared above: report it, secure the scene, try searching for it in your area, inform the insurance company, and alert local garages. When you’re done with that, you can post about it on social media so that more people will see your bike! If all else fails, you might also want to start looking for motorbikes for sale to replace your stolen one.

We Buy Motorbikes offer some of the best used motorcycles for sale in York that might interest you, plus some helpful tips to guide you when you make a purchase! Contact us today to know more about the motorbikes we sell!

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