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What Makes a Classic Motorbike Classic? Let's Find Out!

What is a classic bike? Is it any old motorbike that's out of production, or is it a vintage bike that is praised for its classic design? While the definition may vary from one person to another, entities like insurance providers have a set definition of a classic bike. So, do your old bikes count as classic bikes, and do the bikes you want count as classics? These are the questions we are going to answer in this article today!

Why do people even want a classic bike?

The reasons for having a classic bike can vary from person to person. Other people may want to enjoy a nostalgic motorbike experience and purchase one to ride in their spare time. Some people may want one because insurance premiums are typically low for classic bikes, giving them an affordable commuting option.

A few people may want such a bike simply because they believe thieves do not like them, lowering the risk of bike theft. Finally, some may find classic bikes the best way to practice riding. Because they are old anyway, damaging them may not be too much of a headache compared to getting into an accident with a new bike.

For motorbike enthusiasts, buying a motorbike is an investment. You can hold onto a bike for the next ten, twenty, even thirty years to make a profit.

What makes a classic motorbike classic?

As mentioned earlier, insurance providers generally have a predetermined set of requirements to classify a motorbike as a classic. For example, some companies will classify a bike as classic only if it is older than twenty years, while other companies will only do so if it is thirty or older.

If you have a bike that's twenty years or older, you can safely assume it is a classic bike. Of course, you can always reach out to insurance providers for a more accurate analysis for your bike to know for sure.

What is a modern classic motorbike?

While there are already popular classics such as the Norton Commando, Velocette Viper, and the like, this does not mean that modern bikes of today cannot also become classics! Bikes such as the Suzuki Hayabusa and just about any Ducati can become classics. You can buy one and hold onto it for years to make a profit in the future.

You just need to care for the bike thoroughly, ensuring it can run well into the future. This is the only way you can profit.


Classic bikes or not, the motorbike world truly has some fantastic machines that motorbike enthusiasts around the world can deeply appreciate. From the classics to modern marvels, these two-wheeled machines are a staple in the automotive industry.

For some, it has become a hobby to collect these bikes, tinker with them, and more. If you are interested in buying or selling classic bikes, be sure to reach out to reputable bike traders. You might just find that classic bike of your dreams!

WeBuyMotorbikes is a bike trader in York, buying from and selling bikes to motorbike enthusiasts. If you are looking for classic bikes to purchase or want to sell your classic bikes, work with us today!

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