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How to Get The Best Price When Selling your Harley

One of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers, Harley-Davidson is a company famous for the quality of their bikes. For this reason, customers have had no problem with reselling their bikes second-hand.

Of course, that depends on what kind of state your bike is in at the time of sale. After all, you can’t expect to sell your bike close to its purchase price if it looks beat up or, worse, if it isn’t even working anymore.

Given that your bike is in decent condition, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. In the U.K. alone, there have been 5,132 transactions involving Harley-Davidson motorcycles since January of 2018.

Where to Sell Your Harley-Davidson

Facebook Marketplace

One of the best ways to sell a motorcycle, Facebook Marketplace has become the go-to for most people these days.

That’s where the problem lies though; with so many postings, it’s easy to see how your ad can easily get hidden under all the other posts. If you take this route, you’ll have to make sure you can make your post (and your bike!) stand out.

Motorcycle Groups

Alternatively, you can focus on riding clubs and motorcycle groups. This assures you that the potential buyer will at least have some experience with bikes which should allow them to appreciate your bike.

You can choose to approach this two ways. Through the old-school way of word-of-mouth and flyers among your own riding group or through online Facebook Groups focused solely on motorcycles.

Bike Traders

Of course, you can always rely on the expertise of someone working as a bike trader. Selling your bike through bike traders makes use of their credibility to use their bike.

Admittedly, the revenue from this sale will not be as high compared to selling it yourself. This is because, obviously, these bike traders will have a fee for their service.

Some Things to Check Before Selling

Now, you’ll want to make sure that you can get the most out of this sale. To ensure that the buyer will like what he sees (and enjoy what he’ll end up riding), here are a few things to do and to check out.

Test Rides

It might seem odd to test ride your own motorcycle but it's the best way to sell a motorcycle. Choose a relatively isolated area and drive around on your bike for a few laps. While doing so, try to pick out any potential problems or noises that might seem off to you.

By doing this, you can make sure that you can address any questions they may have about the current status of the bike. This helps them trust you more given that you can answer most, if not all, of their questions.

Additionally, you can use this time to see if there need to be any repairs for your bike. This will help avoid problems in the future.

Bring Out the Details of the Motorcycle

By cleaning your bike, you guarantee that potential customers see it in its best condition. Put the effort in now to reap better rewards upon the sale of the bike.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you sell your Harley. As long as you follow the tips we’ve listed above, then you should have no issues in getting a return on your initial investment. For more tips on selling bikes, check out our article on the best ways to sell a motorcycle.

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